RealPresence Centro

Innowacje bazujące na ludzkim zachowaniu.
Innowacje bazujące na ludzkim zachowaniu.
Innowacje bazujące na ludzkim zachowaniu.

RealPresence Centro changes the way we meet and collaborate so that the technology is no longer a distraction to engagement and interaction but rather an enabler for seamless, empowering experiences that defy distance. We believe it’s time that technology fades into the background and not our teammates on the screen.

Designed for work groups, classrooms and teams that want more engaged collaboration, RealPresence Centro embraces natural human instincts and advanced technology to draw people together into a powerful, collaborative circle, giving everyone equality of contribution regardless of where they are located. It serves as a collaboration and content sharing hub.


Our innovative approach to room layout allows everyone to easily see and be seen no matter where they are in the space.

  • Intelligent 360° camera captures everyone in the room
  • Optimized monitor placement allows everyone to sit in comfort and maintain in visual connection with everyone near and far with a simple glance
  • Sit, stand, walk around the room without ever worrying if you’re still ‘on camera’
  • Common, intuitive touch interface can be used by even the most infrequent users with no training
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook allows anyone to start collaborating with a single touch of the invite prompt
  • Patent-pending production algorithms show active speakers and 360° contextual views to everyone near and far
  • Integrated touch monitors can be seen clearly from any seat creating an equal view for all users
  • Integrated proximity sensors enable responsive intelligence and preserve intimacy


RealPresence Centro leverages Polycom’s legendary audio quality in a single form factor.

  • Centro’s integrated microphones capture even the most soft-spoken people from anywhere in the room even when multiple parties speak simultaneously
  • Powered speakers reproduce Polycom-quality audio so that every inflection is heard clearly
  • Polycom NoiseBlock technology removes distracting keyboard typing, paper rustling, and similar interruptions
  • Lost Packet Recovery protects audio and video quality in even the most challenging network conditions – up to 80% packet loss


RealPresence Centro gives equal access to everyone near and far to share, annotate, and save content.

  • Share content up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second - video clips, CAD animations, medical diagrams, etc. 
  • The optional Polycom Pano allows users in the room to easily connect their own devices to share content using Airplay or Miracast.
  • Use the Pano App to wirelessly share content from a PC or MAC.


RealPresence Centro’s thoughtful design adds a level of convenience that will keep users come back to engage over and over – improving ROI.

  • Always on and ready - 4X USB ports for BYO device charging
  • Elegant LCD showing microphone status, time-in-call, time elapsed
  • Built-in casters for moving the system with ease
  • Users easily know system, call, and mute status with a glance at 360° LCD
  • Video privacy is a simple touch to hide the camera
  • Easily start, stop, and playback session recordings from your personal device

RealPresence Centro wspiera otwarte współdziałanie w oparciu o standardy pozwalające na swobodne nawiązywanie połączeń — ze wszystkimi odbiorcami i z każdego miejsca. Nasze rozwiązania są kompatybilne zarówno z istniejącymi wdrożeniami technologii, jak i dopiero powstającymi systemami, co stanowi doskonałe zabezpieczenie poczynionej inwestycji.  

  • Natywna obsługa oprogramowania Microsoft Lync rozszerza korzyści płynące z inwestycji w platformę UC, jednocześnie upraszczając jej obsługę dla użytkowników
  • ZTP (ang. Zero Touch Provisioning) skraca czas instalacji po dokonaniu rejestracji na platformie RealPresence
  • Wbudowana ochrona inwestycji dzięki obsłudze protokołów H.323 i SIP zapewnia kompatybilność zarówno ze starszymi, jak i nowymi rozwiązaniami
  • Kamera 360° z pięcioma czujnikami jest w stanie uchwycić wszystkie osoby w pomieszczeniu, zapewniając obraz porównywalny z telewizyjnym
  • Obsługa zewnętrznego ekranu dotykowego do sterowania treściami



RealPresence Centro

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RealPresence Centro Data Sheet

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